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Connect with the spirit of the land for healing, inspiration and peace


It has been said that the Great Smoky Mountains are experiencing a time of spiritual reawakening, and that teachers, guides and healers would be called to this land to receive the energy of these mountains. It is felt by many that this has been coming true, as more and more people are drawn to this land for healing, peace and spiritual power. To that end we are pleased to offer Dreaming Bear Lodge for this sacred use.


Host your Spiritual Retreats, Workshops & Special Events

Dreaming Bear Lodge is the perfect venue for nature retreats, silent retreats, spiritual retreats, Goddess retreats, writer/creative workshops or workshops of any kind, as well as sacred ceremony, from healing the land, to healing the self, to weddings and family milestones. Dreaming Bear Lodge not only offers accommodations for groups of 8-10 with over 2000 square feet of living space, but also provides a sanctuary that has been created on the grounds for quiet reflection, walks in the woods, fire ceremony, outdoor yoga or Qi Gong on the observation deck or a walk in the Universal Medicine Wheel, as well as writing and creative inspiration.

Our garden features icons and statues honoring all faiths and walks of life, from Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and Dreaming Bear herself, to little gnome homes and fae doors that lead to magical places, owl boxes high in the trees to attract Barred Owls, a hammock for sky-gazing, lovely blooming flowers in the spring and summer, all the vibrant foliage of the autumn or the snowcapped landscape of a winter wonderland .

The rustic beauty of Dreaming Bear Lodge during each unique season makes her ideal for most any time of year, depending on your needs. DBL also provides a place of power to come for restoration, renewal and energy medicine during recovery from illness, addiction, grief/bereavement or loss. The peace and power of DBL is felt immediately both inside and out, upon stepping onto the property.

Over the last few years Dreaming Bear Lodge has been going through a metamorphosis of her own. Now she has emerged as much more than "just" a vacation rental home, though she remains open for all to enjoy. Dreaming Bear Lodge is a fully consecrated temple. A group of very devoted people joined forced to secure permission by the Land to do sacred work here, and after 3 years of dedicated service permission was granted! We are pleased to extend this invitation to others to work with this land in a much more intentional way.

For facilitators  and workshop leaders who would like assistance with the parts of their retreat or event that could benefit from someone who knows the lay of the land, a Wilderness Guide is available. From pontoon boat tours, horseback riding, rafting, mountain trail hiking or visiting sacred sites in the surrounding areas, please contact Melissa LeBlanc to discuss your needs. We will soon be offering a Dreaming Bear DIY Retreat Guidebook, for those that just want to gather a few friends and create their own Do-It-Yourself Retreat.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson